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Zhucheng Zhuoer machinery co., LTD. : located in the southeast of shandong peninsula, the coastal open city "dinosaur" the hometown of zhucheng. East of Qingdao west coast, south adjacent to rizhao port, north of weifang kite capital. The railway, the high-speed four - way, the geographical position superior, the climate is pleasant, the environment is beautiful.

The company since its inception, to the pursuit of quality, honesty pragmatic philosophy, "quality first, strives for perfection the quality policy, unceasingly innovation, become the backbone of China's food machinery industry production enterprises.

Zhucheng drow machinery co., LTD., formerly of zhucheng kyokuto machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was established in 2002, the company is a collection of scientific research, development, manufacturing, sales as one of the large food industry equipment industry, leading industry: Fried, cleaning, smoked, dried, marinating, pasteurization and other series, all kinds of food processing complete sets of equipment and machinery ancillary equipment professional manufacturers. The company is committed to continuous innovation and development of products. The oil and water mixed frying machine series products have been specially supplied by the Chinese people's liberation army for three consecutive years. We rely on the market to develop and develop various kinds of food machinery products that meet the needs of customers.

Company brings together a large number of advanced level of excellent scientific research and management talents, built a modern production base and global sales network, business clients all over the country, medium cities, and exported to: Vietnam, the Philippines and other southeast Asian countries.

Management creates value, the service improves the advantage, the quality is supreme, the service to the excellent is the company's development philosophy. Unity, innovation, pragmatism and endeavor are the company's unswerving pursuit. Company cherish every honor, adhere to the "quality first, customer supreme, the quality of societe generale, to excellent win" business purposes, to high-quality products constantly contribute to society, and the social from all walks of life have complementary advantages, create brilliant!

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Add:No.562, south west road, north outer ring road, shunwang street, zhucheng city, shandong province