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I warmly congratulate our company for successfully participating in the weifang sugar and wine expo
Browse: Release date:2017-11-08

 On May 6-8, 2016, our company successfully participated in the "2016 China (weifang) sugar and wine food exposition and food industry science and technology exposition" and achieved good results. Show customers in an endless stream, on-site commissioning is aroused the interest of many customers, staff patience careful answer customers' questions, for later identified a good foundation for cooperation, and part of the exhibition equipment sold successfully. Through this exhibition, we show the popularity of our products in food processing enterprises, and once again stabilize our position in the food machinery industry.

* know drow *
Zhucheng zhuohr machinery co., LTD., specializing in food machinery for more than a decade, has advanced technology research and development team, inspiring to build the world's most competitive strength food equipment brand.
The specialty is for you to customize all kinds of food processing equipment, in line with the "reputation good, the service excellent" mentality, with the customer cooperation win and win, mutual benefit, make "zhuo" brand household name.
The drow studied:
Frying equipment: electric heating, gas, fuel, coal carbon, thermal oil and other heating modes, various types of single machine, pipeline, etc.
Halogen cooking equipment: electric heating, steam, heat conduction oil, heating, etc.
Drying equipment: electric heating, steam, thermal oil, gas and other dryer, drying line, etc.
Cleaning equipment: various fruits and vegetables, seafood, food, Chinese herbal medicine, cleaning machine, cleaning line, etc.
Air dry equipment: various types of air dryer.
Pasteurization equipment: electric heating, steam, thermal oil, coal, gas heating mode such as low temperature sterilization assembly line and so on several big series food equipment, for the production into automated liberate the workforce, efforts to create the largest profit space.
Drow people insist: "quality first, integrity, win-win" business philosophy, to make the sales network all over the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, and exported to: India, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Indonesia, Persian, South Africa, and many other countries, by the internal and external customer high praise, laid a solid foundation for company's development and growth.
Drow is a rising star in food gear.
As the years change and the wind and frost erode, the drow will always be at the forefront of the progress of The Times. On the way to success, there will be the footsteps of the "zhuohr".
Confidence is always the first key to success.
Mentality determines everything, details determine success or failure.

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