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The advantages of soft packaging highlight the future in the field of food medicine
Browse: Release date:2017-11-08
With human industrial development, serious environmental damage, environmental protection has become the focus problem, as sources of transformation and upgrading of industrial manufacturing must can live for a long time, in the packaging industry, is no exception.
1. Soft packaging recycling
Through pyrolysis, the carbonized residue containing inorganic material plastics contains 80% of the liquid carbon and 20% of the gaseous carbon (no CO2 gas is produced due to the lack of oxygen in the cavity). Depending on the liquid fuel/energy requirements, these carbons can be transported to different locations. The resulting ash can be used as a concrete premixture. Carbon can be used as a fuel, and companies often enter a mixed waste into a pyrolysis chamber, producing fuel that may not be the best available.
It is also necessary to continuously study the efficient way to convert this liquid carbon fuel into a more durable, high-integrity energy source.
Soft packaging finds a more efficient waste disposal process and has a lower impact on the environment. It is a challenging task, but it is possible. As the soft packaging industry has already made innovations, such as the use of bio-based materials or the pyrolysis process that converts waste into energy, the foundation for further development has been laid in place.
2. High performance packaging
Packaging development trend of new open up a new market mature market has begun to accept and pop the packing bag of higher performance, such as the United States, Canada, Western Europe and Japan, they also support in dollar terms in the deal. In the development outlook, standing packaging will be the most promising growth potential. Although flat packing will continue to occupy the majority of market share, people are increasingly inclined to this kind of three-dimensional packaging, especially in the packaging mature market mentioned above.
The aesthetic taste of consumers and the self-generating value of standing packaging, such as the convenience and stability of standing packing in the suction and sealing, make consumers have a consumption preference. At the same time, the light weight is also the development trend of plastic packaging bags. The decrease of consumables and the light load of transportation make the cost lower and meet the demands of the producers. At the same time, for the market, the lightweight packaging bag also brings the new consumption trend of environmental protection and convenience, which is gradually being promoted.
The food industry and drug industry are two broad areas in which packaging is widely used. As people pay more attention to food and drug safety, the demand for packaging is higher and higher. As a relatively large package of packaging and application market in two main areas, the future development needs to be in a better direction, and environmental protection and intellectualized trends cannot be ignored.

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