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2016 China's food machinery industry overview and current situation
Browse: Release date:2017-11-08
The food machinery industry is a sunrise industry. It has great potential for development. Our country is praised as the future food processing large factory. According to data, China now produces 1.2m tonnes of fruit a year, about 600,000 tonnes a year abroad, about a sixth of the global market. In addition to the rigid social demand, the Chinese government to take corresponding measures to encourage, will push food machinery enterprise transformation, to the direction of industrialization, informationization, marketization, help enterprises to break through the capital and technology difficulties.
According to the Chinese food machinery network, although domestic food machinery enterprises have developed rapidly in recent years, they still can't meet the huge demand for food processing. At present food machinery has entered the development period of structural adjustment. We need all the food machinery manufacturers to cooperate fully, put in the technical force, combine the actual situation in our country, produce more the equipment that accords with our country food processing. Local government departments also attach great importance to agricultural products processing industry and food processing industry, which has created a favorable policy environment and market environment for food machinery manufacturers.
Opportunities and risks are always coexisting, and the bottleneck is also a good opportunity for transformation and development. Each enterprise should implement the strategy of cooperation, change the internal conditions and the environment, adjust the industrial structure, accelerating technological innovation, also should have more communication between enterprises and more cooperation, more to food processing factory and catering company to understand the actual demand, market demand is the vitality of enterprises.

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