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High-end market demand is driving up global sales of packaging machinery
Browse: Release date:2017-11-08
Takeaway: if the automatic packing machine, labeling machine, sealing machine and manipulator device, such as the pharmaceutical machinery made in China can't compete with Germany, Italy, Japan products and so on some low-tech products, at present a lot of the production of packaging machinery in China, have been able to meet the requirements of the U.S. market, and the most possible breakthrough in a short time.
In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, packaging industry has been developing continuously. According to the authorities, global packaging machinery sales exceeded $40 billion in 2015, driven by demand in emerging markets. This is helped by the industry's push for packaging.
In 2015, packaging machinery sales or new breakthrough
The German trade association VDMA said recently that world packaging machinery has been increasing for years. The global market for packaging machinery in 2008 reached 14.6 billion euros ($20.6 billion). In 2009 recession dampened demand and exports.
High-end market demand is driving up global sales of packaging machinery
But the global market began to improve in 2010. The global industrial analyst GIA report shows that the global packaging machinery market in 2010 reached $32.5 billion, with sales of more than $40 billion in 2015, driven by demand from emerging markets. The MPI group reports that while manufacturing plants around the world continue to cut capacity, nearly half of them plan to increase spending on production equipment.
GIA believes that the main driving force behind the sales growth of packaging equipment is the development of emerging markets, especially in the asia-pacific region, Latin America and the Middle East. The GIA explained that this was due to the rapid expansion of industrial acceleration in emerging countries, the rapid expansion of the food processing and consumer durables industry, as well as a significant amount of foreign investment.
Competition is global. Germany's share of world trade is 34 per cent, with sales of 4 billion euros ($5.6 billion) in 2009, down about 25 percent from 2008, according to VDMA data. The United States, Russia and China are Germany's most important export markets. By comparison, Italy exported about 9.6 billion euros in packaging machinery in 2010. The members of the north American trade association PMMI are mainly engaged in processing, packaging and conversion equipment. Its purpose is to promote the success of its members to expand the share of north American exports in global markets.
High-end markets are driving demand for packaging machinery. The demand for packaging machinery is growing rapidly in beverages, pharmaceuticals and personal care products and chemical products. Freedonia forecasts that food will account for 43 per cent of global sales in 2014, with drinks that will grow the fastest, at an average rate of 5.3 per cent per year. That's not surprising, given that there could be nine billion people living on earth by 2050, and they all need to eat and drink.
According to the VDMA, according to the food and beverage industry occupies an important position in national economy, all over the world, the proportion of investment is very big also, are the biggest buyers of packaging machinery, occupy about 60% of the share. The pharmaceutical industry is the least affected by the economic fluctuations, because drugs are the basic needs of people's lives, and this industry buys about 20% of all packaging machinery.
PMMI says that global machinery buyers will continue to look for more operating systems with higher operating efficiency, which can reduce energy consumption and save labor while pressing a button to switch. There is a reasonable price for all this. VDMA specifically mentioned that the distributed servo technology system that reduces energy consumption will be a trend in packaging machinery. GIA says there will be more servo systems used in packaging machinery, as well as more automated systems.
Xi 'an - German supplier ebayh group says it has formed a joint venture to produce a post-disposal system for commercial truck diesel engines.
The joint venture partners are shaanxi wanfang auto parts co., LTD., which has 49% of the shares and 51% of wanfang, which is based in xi 'an.
The joint venture, called ebayh emission technology xi 'an company, will also be based in xi 'an. The joint venture will be put into production in 2014, with an initial annual capacity of 100,000 sets of emission systems.
In 2012, ebayh's global operations totalled 2.8 billion euros (23 billion yuan), and the company was headquartered in eringen, Germany, with 7,300 employees worldwide.
Take Italy for example:
In 2003, Italy's packaging machinery industrial production fell 2% from 2002. In 2004, an increase in exports and a rebound in domestic sales led to growth in the packaging industry, with total output reaching 2.9 billion euros, up 2.8 percent in currency terms from 2003. By real estate, it grew by 1.4%.
Such a trend of export growth and decline in imports led to the 2004 Italian packaging industry 21. The 1.9 billion euro trade surplus, up 2.6 percent from the previous year, solidifies the packaging industry's strong position in the Italian industry.
The packaging and packaging machinery industry in Italy has about 250 industrial USES, and about 100 of them are used in the process. 80% of these companies are located in the emilia-romagna region (the best concentration zone in the world's packaging industry) and Lombardy. Known as the "packaging valley" : Bologna is a concentrated city in a concentrated area. Application, in turn, is the food industry (25%) of packaging production, medicine, cosmetics, bath (around 25070), chemical, oil (5%) and other industries, such as tobacco this tradition of Italian packaging machinery business category.
The success of the Italian packaging industry depends on:
1. Flexible product system and positive technological innovation;
2. Customer-oriented. In order to meet the requirements of different customers, Italian machinery has spent a lot of effort on planning, testing, quality inspection and customer analysis. White-collar workers account for 65% of the total number of employees.
3. Comprehensive strength of large groups; Small and medium-sized enterprises seek for excellence;
4. The entire industrial framework that the company relies on is very good and focuses on cultivating young strength.
Imports from Europe and the United States are falling, while demand from Asia is growing. For Europe, the decline in Germany, Switzerland and Austria is clear, while Sweden, which is confined to the drinks industry, is growing in France and Britain. America's share of Italy has been shrinking, falling to 6%. Japan and China accounted for 2.6% and 1% respectively in 2004, but both grew.

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