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Research on China's food machinery export development strategy
Browse: Release date:2017-11-08
At present, most of China's more advanced food machinery research and development is still in the generic class, the ability of independent development is very limited. To this end, a number of large foreign enterprises have introduced their own technologies and components into China, which are processed in China, thus reducing the cost and fierce competition with local products.
With the rapid development of the food processing industry, the demand for food machinery has been greatly improved, as well as the demand for product quality and technical level. Domestic food machinery enterprises should give full play to their advantages and strengthen their strength in pre-sales and after-sales service.
Food machinery industry in China has made great achievements, but many enterprise on the technical level basically is in a stage of imitation, improvement and combination, not reached the level of innovation, or more than the world of similar products. At the present stage, our food machinery equipment is more than 10 years worse than the foreign food machinery.
Experts say the food machinery industry in the next five years will be the main trend of slow growth, overall product sales price will decline gradually, there will be less and less difference product prices in different regional markets.
With the gradual maturity and standardization of the food machinery market, the food machinery industry will face a great integration. In the increasingly fierce market competition, small scale, product quality enterprises will be hard to live without comparative advantage, through the merger and reorganization, leading enterprises will appear in the industry, and has a considerable market share.
China has a relatively detailed classification of food processing machinery, including baking equipment, drying equipment, conveying equipment, sterilization equipment, etc. Later, it will involve packaging machinery such as sealing machinery, packing machinery, etc. At present, the export of many food processing machinery enterprises in China is increasing, but it is still not common in southeast Asian countries and other regional businesses such as Africa and South America.
In fact, our mechanical equipment performance is no less than that of the west, but the price is competitive. However, food machinery export enterprises should pay attention to ensure product quality and after-sales service, prevent secondary equipment, shoddy, and damage the reputation of Chinese products. Traditionally, Italy, Germany, Spain and other European countries is a major supplier of African filling machinery products in Europe, with its excellent quality, advanced technology, perfect after-sales service has been dominance, popular.

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