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When you go out, you will be able to defend the "uniform" and beware of "warm-hearted"
Browse: Release date:2017-11-08
As you know, our country is now a society of laws and laws, and we will not be deceived if we go out and have more than one heart and no greed. But there is always a small number of unscrupulous outlaws, who are lucky enough to cheat others out of their money. This kind of person will usually choose the place that the densely populated area commits a crime, such as: station, wharf etc.
How do we prevent it?
Don't eat strangers' things. Don't give your mobile phone to others. Don't tell strangers about your trip. Don't let strangers show you the way. If you encounter a stranger, call 110 at any time.
Two, do not be greedy, do not belong to own thing do not take, meet the high return only earn not to compensate investment should be cautious, the sky won't drop the pie.
3. It is difficult to find a national staff member, because the staff of the country is through professional training, the quality is higher, can not cheat. The police or the industrial and commercial administration.
You should be more careful if there are "warm-hearted people" who are willing to talk to you and help you, especially if you are wearing a "uniform" or someone with a walkie-talkie. Carefully analyze his "enthusiastic help" for your purpose. Only bad people dress up. You know: security clothing looks like police uniform, can be bought everywhere, walkie-talkie on the Internet dozens of yuan. These people are trying to deceive you by pretending to be a state worker. "Fake uniforms" must be "fake enthusiasm".
Five, how to recognize "uniform" discern between true and false "good guys" : the police to wear uniforms, cap badge and epaulettes, wearing a warning signal on the left, the industrial and commercial staff to wear "uniform" national industrial and commercial bureau also tailor-made epaulettes, railway workers "uniform" has special with the ministry of railways, road passenger transport personnel uniforms also have special epaulettes, etc.
As long as you go out and observe more, analyze more, be careful, not greedy, will be safe all the way to success.

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