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The baking market of 401.3 billion industry giant repeat customers aimed at O2O
Browse: Release date:2017-11-08
The competition in the field of baking a wave of open something new, private baking hot, offline store increase, new entrants to continuously, these all show that the new period, baking food enterprises actively layout online direction. It is estimated that the bakery market is close to 401.3 billion, but it has not yet formed a monopoly, and the survey also shows that the bakery giant is also taking a new stance to deal with the later development of O2O.
It is predicted that the total amount of baking industry in China market in 2017 will reach 401.3 billion yuan, in front of such a huge market, the market did not form a real monopoly enterprises, are stepping up their.
In the case of the company's revenue growth slowing down, the new third board listed company will take the second half of the O2O test.
Slower growth
According to the data, the revenue growth of repeat customers has been declining in recent years. Revenue growth has fallen from 53.41% to 6.44% since 2013. In 2016, the net profit even fell 18.79 percent year-on-year, compared with a decrease of 971.65 million yuan in 2015.
More ominously than the slowdown, the company's previous years of growth in causeway fires, cakes and bread products have grown weak. In 2016, the total revenue of repeat customers was about 793 million. The above products contributed to the overall turnover of the company, which decreased from 38.51% to 32.73% and 28.80%, respectively from 38.51% and 36.25%.
Behind the slowdown is the roasting market.
Relevant data shows that in 2017, the total baking industry market in China will reach 401.3 billion yuan, and the sales revenue in 2020 is expected to reach 550 billion yuan. The huge market potential, besides the old Dali, panpan, new capital is also in the innings. In the past year alone, the Grosfairy fat fairy, which focuses on small cake segments, has received tens of millions of rounds of financing; The bakery brand "fragrance" has also started to cut into the niche of young people, as well as the pastry business-to-business platform "home of the roasters" to complete the 15 million A round of financing.
Seeks the bureau O2O
Under the wave of "Internet + fast consumer goods", the traditional business is also the demand of wired layout. The e-commerce of fast consumer products makes many companies attach importance to the concept of O2O. However, most of the fast - consumer companies have a relatively conservative e-commerce transformation strategy, with fewer than 3 per cent of companies involved in e-commerce in 2015.
Before 2014, repeat customers were no exception and the main sales channels were offline.
In the context of the e-commerce shock in recent years, repeat customers began to seek O2O. Since 2014, repeat customers have set up flagship stores on Tmall, jd.com and other major e-commerce platforms, and have moved all products online.
In order to attract new customers, repeat customers customized special marketing activities according to brand characteristics so as to maintain the brand exposure of major e-commerce platforms all year round. At the same time, through micro blog and WeChat platform, various interesting activities are carried out to increase fan stickiness.
To O2O transformation has become a trend of the baking industry, faced with mounting "baking + Internet" war, want to be in the field of bakery products continue to gain market share, repeat customers need to pay greater efforts.
O2O is the time for industry shuffling and the opportunity to overtake the curve.

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